About DSRC

In 2003, Darryl's former employer and his staff encouraged him to open Daryll Smith Race Cars. DSRC was formed in Arizona, but in 2011 DSRC moved to the Midwest state of Missouri to be more centrally located for their customer base

 best-educated race car builders

DSRC has worked many hours building the finest race cars produced in the Southwest. We have a passion for producing top quality race cars at reasonable costs, under the leadership of one of the best-educated race car builders, Darryl who has 6 programs in 17 years, 4 world champion race cars, 48,000+ hours of race car construction experience, has brought DSRC program to the forefront in a significantly small period of time.

DSRC's commitment to high quality, safety, and precise engineering are visible in our work. We at DSRC understand your needs and make sure not to use cheap welding materials which easily erode and only be a cause of trouble for our customers. Unlike many shops who are use these to cut costs we use the best welding materials for our clients as we do for all our aspects of construction and services.

At DSRC with the given number of hours of experience combining it with the highest quality processes known only to metal fabrications shops at an Aerospace level, we strive to give our clients the best products at affordable prices and this is because of our owner, Darryl’s pride and passion for the race cars comes from being associated with drag racing since 1974, as a child.