All types of drag race car construction

At DSRC we guarantee excellence in the construction of our Chassis, Roll Bar, Cage and any update. Our quality fit and finish will give you faith in your car and obtaining peace of mind.

At DSRC we take pride in the specialty tooling, fixtures and machines we have assembled to provide the specific components and car construction, in addition, we provide prompt and expert service.

At DSRC we take pride in providing complete quality drag race car construction and updates. Our shop boasts in all areas of construction as it relates to precision 4130 materials using the latest, state of the art welding processes, and construction techniques.

DSRC discovered years ago that normal everyday Tig welding rod would corrode without having a proper copper coating to restrain rust, race shops would use the inferior product, usually made offshore and in southeast Asia. It would only add on to corruption of welds due to the implementing of the copper coating into the weld fillet and it was unacceptable to DSRC. To avoid this we at DSRC sought out the best quality welding materials and processes for our customers, as we do with all aspects of our work.

Also included in DSRC's welding processes are Laminar flow Gas Lense Argon shielding, as well as German, manufactured Tungsten electrodes which are custom ground to a specified taper and tip flat for maximum performance and minimal flutter and tip melt decay.

These are just a few of the things that set DSRC apart from the competition, and since Darryl has worked for or with nearly all of the successful Pro Mod and Pro Stock builders at one time or another he has been lucky to learn from the success of others than having to learn by making mistakes.