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Our chassis setup skills and equipment are second to no other race car shop. If you have trouble making good runs on marginal tracks, let us help you with a setup that will help solve those problems.

We have the Southwest's most comprehensive chassis tuning skills, software, and support equipment including our own in house shock dyno. With 37,000+ hours under our belt, we can diagnose and solve both large and small problems with your cars ability to react, handle, hook and perform to its fullest capacity. Here are some points we will cover for you in our "chassis setup procedure."



Electronically balance chassis weights

Map rear suspension geometry

Dyno front and rear shocks

Evaluate spring rates and lengths

Set up ideal pinion angle for your

Configure and align rear suspension

Set ride heights and shock lengths

Adjust shock and strut settings properly

Wheelie bar positioning

Evaluate components for adjustability

Set rear spoiler or wing attack angle

Comprehensive front and rear suspension evaluation

Inspect and adjust front end alignment including: Caster, Camber

Toe in adjustment

Evaluate and adjust

Toe change thru travel

Examine for any possible future issues, including improper shouldered hardware, proper clearances, binding and obstruction issues

Evaluate and adjust for minimum bump steer

Most heads up racers with power adders have more than enough power to set records in their classes but they can't harness the power and put it to use. With the right combination of proper wheel selection, tire sidewall selection, spring rates, shock dampening rates, ballast locations, alignment settings and suspension geometry, success is at your fingertips.


Anyone who understands the art of chassis tuning also knows that shock dampening rates and their ability to test them is crucial to optimum chassis performance. This tuning aid gives my customers a huge edge over the competition, and those who understand the value of this tool are blown away by the fact that I have a shock dyno.

I consider my dyno to be better than nay I have ever seen or been exposed to. The reason is because it gives us 'REAL TIME DATA' that is so easy to convert to usable information that it can make anyone a shock tuner once I dyno their shocks and give them their dyno data analysis charts.




We can dyno test your shocks with a chassis setup, dyno new ones before installation, or dyno them off your car. Spring rates must also be taken into account because they effect your shock's ability to perform correctly and we will be glad to advise you toward an optimum combination.

The shock dyno services includes the DYNO DATA ANALYSIS along with BASELINE SETTINGS, based on your racing program.


If you feel having expert help at the racetrack will accelerate your team toward on track success, let DSRC give you that edge.
For a reasonable fee we can spend a day or an entire weekend toward optimizing your performance. Whether you need serious help to get to the front of the pack or just an extra edge over your competitors, don't let lack of experience or knowledge be the one thing between you and a world championship. Getting your own car working properly in a short amount of time will save you many weekends of disappointment, wear and tear on engines, chassis and even tow rigs. Money well spent to speed up your learning curve is an investment made in your motorsports program that will result in great returns. Considering the cost of fuel, motels, food, maintenance and mental frustration brought on during the out of town trips with a chassis that doesn't perform, our fees will save you several times your investment.

Regardless of who built your racecar, we can help you achieve your performance goals!


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