To the people
who have helped me in this program, thank you for all your help and support
Amy, Alan, Mike, Bob, Rob and Brian.

To my friends, family and customers I say thank you:
Greg, Dick, John, Mark, Scott, Jim, Jim, Ray, Jerry, Bob, Leonard, Bud, Sandy, Bob, Rodney, Peggy and Margaret.

Thank you Gary Hajek Sr., Bryan Laflam, Mark Leonard and thank you to all the people who
allowed me to work and learn in their facilities including: Jerry Haas, Gary Hajek Jr.,
Jerry Bickel, Steve Dishbein, Tom Yancer and Willie Rells. No one could have had a better
education than the one all of you gave me, exposing me to the best of the best and working
along side many of the most talented builders I've seen.

I feel I have received so much inspiration from people like Larry Widmer, Al Swindal, Ron Butler, John Buterra, Pat Foster, Don Hardy, Don Long, Jim Hume, Mickey Thompson, Don Garlits and of course Gary Hajek Jr., as well as many others who have inspired me with their talents.

All of these people are important to me because understanding the future of racecar construction is largely predicated on understanding its past.

Especially my parents, for letting me skip school to go to my first US Nationals in 1974.
My brothers, sisters and brother-in-law for taking me to races and teaching me about the
sport of drag racing when I was a child.

I want to thank Mad Dog for proving to me that a relentless pursuit of your passion can be
rewarded if you can work harder and sleep less than your opponents!

A special thank you to Don Ness Racecraft is unquestionably in order. Ness is without a doubt
the person who continually raised the bar in the race car world. Whether or not it is possible
to be better than Don Ness, I must admit I have been trying my entire career and will continue.

The founding and success of my facility may not have been possible without my previous
employer and staff's inspiration to create the best Race Car Program in the Southwest!

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